SenseCaps Technologies is a Smartnose company which offers a set of sensoric encapsulation techniques and products. A SenseCap is a small capsule which contains one or more core ingredients within a casing.

The wall of a SenseCap capsule is created using a unique complex conservation technique. The core of the capsule varies per sort and consists of health-beneficial ingredients, like honey or aloe vera. These ingredients can be used in Food products, but also in cosmetics (e.g. skin care products). Another element of the capsule can be a fragrance oil, these types of capsules are often used in laundry detergents or scratch-and-sniff prints.

The final product can be completely tailor-made to fit your needs. Think of variations in:

  • Amount of capsules (kgs)
  • Colour of the capsules
  • Size of the capsules
  • Ingredients
  • Casing material (natural, organic, vegan or synthetic)

SmartNose is specialized in various encapsulation techniques in the following sections:

  • SenseCaps Fragrances
  • SenseCaps Food & Nutrition
  • SenseCaps Cosmetics
Our mission: "Encapsulate health improving and fun increasing ingredients that serve a more healthy and pleasurable planet"

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