Scented Point Of Sale (POS)

Point of Sale is one of the most important moments in the Customer Journey where a customer is involved with your brand and chooses whether or not to buy any of the brand’s products. Often there are many visual stimuli around which could distract the customer’s attention. A scent application can therefore play a fundamental role at this crucial moment.

Smartnose offers a wide variety of scented point of sale applications:

  • Scent testers on shelf
  • Instore taste sampling
  • Scented neckhangers
  • Scratch and sniff neckhangers
  • Scented stickers
  • Scented plastic
  • In-store scent dispersion
  • Near-store scent dispersion
  • Displays with scent testers and scent experience
  • Scent totems
  • Scented signing
  • Scented wobblers

The options above can be altered to fit your needs. We are happy to think along!

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