Innovative & durable scent application

Are you looking for a sustainable and accessible solution for scent dispersion? The SmartNose Scent stick is developed using a unique formula, to ensure dispersion of a lovely fresh scent for a whole month. The application is 100% safe and is suitable for small rooms and toilets. The custom made stainless steel holder enables you to easily place the scent stick on any surface using a 3M tape. Swapping the cartridges is easy and an empty Scent Stick can be deposited in the regular garbage.

The Scent Stick is applied on a large scale in public transport, hospitals, public buildings, restaurants and retail environments.

2 scents

The scented stick contains a high-quality fresh perfume created by the perfumers of SmartNose. There are two scent variants available:

  • Tonic Fresh: Mint, champagne, apple, grapefruit and violets
  • Lavanda: Lavender, citrus, eucalpytus, orange blossom and sandalwood


  • One month fragrance release;
  • Fresh perfume absorbs bad odors instead of just masking it;
  • Does not require power or batteries; Less plastics than all alternatives;
  • Suitable for small spaces such as elevators, toilets, trash cans, room entrance and meeting rooms;
  • A 100% safe system;
  • No spray technique and no residue;
  • Almost invisible due to its small size and therefore resistant to vandalism;
  • Easy to attach to the wall with our special stainless steel holder, without drilling;
  • Attractively priced


Size: 32 x 80 mm
Colour: Transparent/ grey with a transparent/purple scent
Contents: 9 cc
Packaging: Box of 500 pcs

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