Perfume development & selection

An own Corporate Identity scent can be of great advantage I creating customer binding with your brand. It ensures subconscious recognition and positive associations without any effort. SmartNose offers unique and professional scent selection and scent development projects. Whilst doing this, SmartNose always strives towards the safest and most sustainable perfume oils; Sustainable Fragrances. The scents always meet the international safet requirements.

Step 1: Perfume selection

During perfume selection, together with the customer we discover the extensive scent spectrum in our SmartNose-lab. This is organized based on a comprehensive scent briefing and explanation of the possible applications. Next, we determine what perfume best fits your needs, image, applications and goals.

Step 2: Development process

For special enquiries, a scent can be custom-created by our selected perfumers based on an extensive briefing and goal description.

Step 3: Evaluation and testing

After the briefing, three unique perfumes are composed, developed and proposed to the client. These perfumes are always evaluated in consultation for improvements. When needed, the perfume is adjusted and optimized. This phase often consists of multiple rounds including a workshop in close consultation with the client.

Step 4: Application

The scent can be processed into multiple products and applications. For example: Scented print, scented premiums, products and giveaways, scent dispersion and in-store applications like a Point of Sale display

Step 5: Effect research

To investigate the effect of the chosen scent(s) in practice, we perform professional scent research with help from:

  • Panel research
  • Scent evaluation rounds
  • Customer sessions

We work with 0-measurements and measurements after the instalment or introduction of the scented application. Scientific effect measurements are performed in collaboration with oursister organization Senta Multisensory Concepting.

In this way, a perfume is developed which perfectly suits the organization, brand or service.

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