Scent dispersion

More and more organizations embed scent in their customer journey, to improve their customer experience. Research on the effects of scent in public transport, carried out by our partner Senta, shows that female travellers feel up to 9% safer when a subtle, fresh scent was dispersed in the busses of Connexxion. Scent is also often used to enhance sales. Research in book stores shows that revenues incread by 5% after dispersion of a chocolate scent, and that the book covers instore were read three times as much.

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Scent dispersion systems

Smarnose offers a wide assortment of professional scent systems, with a reach of 5 to 1.500 m2. From stand-alone units which can be easily placed, to scent machines which are to be installed onto the aircon system.

Smartnose supplies the scent cartridges for these scent machines in every possible scet. All scents meet the safety requirements of IFRA and REACH and are 100% safe. Curious to find out about the extended scent spectrum? We are happy to give you more information.

It is also possible to develop a customized scent.

Custom made scent systems

Smartnose is also specialized in designing an building custom-made scent systems for retail (e.g. Philips), for festivals and concerts and for public transport (e.g. scent machines for the Dutch Railway company NS and Connexxion).

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