Scent premiums and gifts

Did you know that scented premiums and gifts are one of the most effective scent marketing tools? The usage percentage is high, often higher than 80%. Consumers appreciate free scented gifts as it meets their concrete needs: freshen up a wardrobe, car or hallway. This is why the brand exposure and attention- and memory value exceptionally high. In other words: The consumer will remember your brand!

SmartNose designs and produces a diversity of scented premiums, like:

  • Scent sachets
  • Scent pouches
  • Scented candles
  • Scented ceramics
  • Luxury roomsprays and bedsprays
  • Scent applications for cars
  • Scented USB drives

There are many more customizable options available. We like to let our creativity run free! Contact us and we are happy to think along.

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