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Scented printing

Did you know that printed matter can be scented in an accessible, safe and accessible way? This way you can easily reach a large target group in a multi-sensory way. We can place up to ten different rub-and-smell scent spots on a scent card.

Research has shown that the use of strategic rub and smell (scratch and smell) scent advertisements increases product sales by 36% and repeat purchases by 18%. SmartNose has been specialized for 30 years in producing high-quality, strategic and ROI-oriented:

  • Fragrance advertisements in magazines

  • Scent cards

  • Scented direct mailings (DM)

  • Fragrance coupons with barcode and/or unique code

  • Fragrance stickers

  • Fragrance advertisements in newspapers (Telegraaf, Sp!ts, Metro, AD etc.)

  • Continuous odor-emitting packaging

  • Perfume sampling

  • Scented varnish, scented lacquer and scented ink in all conceivable scents

  • For all printing techniques: from sheet and roll offset to heatset and coldset.

Do you have specific wishes or would you like to discuss the possibilities with us? We are happy to think along with you.

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