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Scented POS

Point of Sale is one of the most important moments in the Customer Journey when a customer comes into contact with your brand and makes the choice whether or not to buy your brand. There are often many visual stimuli present at this moment that can distract attention from your product. Therefore, add value at this crucial moment with a scented application.

SmartNose produces and supplies a wide range of scented point of sale applications, applications and scent testers, such as:

  • Odor testers for the shelf

  • In-store taste sampling

  • Continuously scented neckhangers

  • Rub and smell neckhanger

  • Continuously scented sticker

  • Continuously scented plastic

  • In-store scent distribution (smell on the shop floor)

  • Near-store scent distribution

  • Displays with odor tester and odor experience

  • Fragrance totems

  • Signing with scent

  • Scented wobblers

The above options are possible in different ways. For example, consider continuous scenting without a power supply, on batteries, using 220V power, or using a 'squeeze and smell' or 'press and smell' application. We are happy to think along with you.

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