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Fragrance dispersion

More and more organizations are using scent distribution strategically to improve customer experience and contribute positively to the well-being of staff. From scientific research into the effect of odor in the transport sector, carried out in collaboration with Senta, it appears that female bus passengers feel no less than 9% safer when a subtle fresh scent is spread in Connexxion buses. Scent is also increasingly used to maximize turnover. Research has shown that sales in bookstores increase by 5% with a chocolate scent and that book covers in-store are read three times as often.

Fragrance systems

SmartNose offers an extensive range of professional scent systems, with a range from 5 to 1,500 m2. From stand-alone scent diffusers that can be easily positioned in-store to scent machines that can be connected to the air conditioning system for a wide range.

SmartNose supplies the scent cartridges for these scent units in every conceivable and desired scent. All fragrances meet the most recent safety requirements of IFRA and REACH and are 100% safe. It is also possible to develop a customized scent. See also: Odor development.

Custom-made scent systems

SmartNose is also specialized in the design and construction of tailor-made scent systems for retail (e.g. for Philips), for festivals and concerts, and for public transport (e.g. scent machines for the NS and Connexxion).

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