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About us

In 1993, we at SmartNose started the first scent marketing agency, operating as an international sensory marketing organization specialized in scent marketing. Initially under the name Senta, but eventually developed into an independent part under the name SmartNose. The company's mission is to offer high-quality, innovative and safe applications in the field of scent marketing for A-brands, government institutions, (public) transport companies, retailers, the entertainment sector and more.


With 30 years of experience and a very good name, it is a leading scent marketing company in Europe. SmartNose is dynamic and creative. We like short lines, innovation and, in addition to creativity, science is of paramount importance to us. We are happy to use our knowledge to make a difference in the national interest. We are committed to safety and work together with the NS, the police, safety regions and hospitals. Of course, all this with sustainability and innovation at the forefront. 

The experience economy also started in the 1990s, with scents playing a much larger role in daily life and in the consumer market. A product or service is related to an experience or service. To date, SmartNose has acquired new knowledge about scent every day, with which we can make images and concepts more communicative. 

The stories of our team

Lisette Kraaijenhagen

Years ago we were able to carry out a large-scale sensory workshop for 5,000 Cabin Attendants for KLM. One part of the event was a chalk wall for feedback. The scent of jasmine was mixed into the paint for a richer stimulation of the senses. Now, more than 10 years later, when I smell the scent of jasmine, it brings me back to the event location in Amsterdam where we held this event. For me, jasmine is the scent of KLM.

30 years

A look at an interesting workshop with a scent that will always stay with you

30 years

A look at the production of our innovative scent cards

Femke Veldhuizen

Everyone knows the smell of Hemp, but creating a good recognizable scent took 5 years (from 2018 to 2023). Many of our fragrance supplier partners did not dare to do it, some came back with a Cannabis scent that is also used in cosmetics, these variations smelled very much like perfume. The ultimately developed scent smells fresh and green in the top, with a spicy note in the heart and the base is formed by a combination of earthy, sweet and a musty woody scent. These together form the only unmissable hemp scent. Developing a safe scent with the right communication value was an intensive process.

Annick van Arkel

When I joined SmartNose in 2021, I was a rookie in the field. A completely new (scent) world opened up for me. Not only is SmartNose a company that is unique in its kind, but also very careful and precise. Each order is both tailor-made and produced. To achieve scent diffusion, so many different preparations are needed. Choosing a suitable fragrance granule, determining the correct mixing ratio, the mixing process, processing and finishing. Everything is checked several times, resulting in a wonderfully scented product.

30 years

A look at the creation of a scented product

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