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Fragrance development

Perfume development & selection

Your own Corporate Identity scent can be of enormous added value in creating a bond with your brand. It creates subconscious recognition and positive associations, without you having to do much. SmartNose provides professional fragrance selection & odor development pathways. SmartNose takes the sustainability and safety of the perfume oils into account: Sustainable Fragrances. The fragrances always comply with all current international safety regulations.

Step 1: Perfume selection process

During a perfume selection process, we look and smell the extensive scent spectrum at SmartNose on location together with the customer. This is done on the basis of an extensive odor briefing and explanation of the specific application. Based on this, we determine which perfume best suits the demand, the final application and the objective. We then determine together which applications will be developed with the perfume.

Step 2: Development process

A scent is specially developed for specialist requests. This means that a specific perfume is created by a perfumer based on the request and an extensive briefing, description and objective.

Step 3: Evaluation and testing

After the fragrance briefing, three unique perfumes are composed, developed and presented to the customer. These are always evaluated in consultation with the customer for improvement. If necessary, the perfume is adjusted and optimized. The process often consists of several rounds including a workshop in close consultation with the customer.

Step 4: Application

The scent can then be used in various products for the brand. For the possible applications of the scent, consider: scented printing, scented premiums, products and give-aways, scent distribution and in-store scent applications such as a Point of Sale shelf display.

Step 5: Effect research

To know how the developed scent has an effect in practice, it is possible to make professional scent effect measurements using:

  • Panel research

  • Odor evaluation rounds

  • Customer sessions

This involves working with 0 measurements and measurements after deployment of the application. Scientific effect measurements are made in collaboration with sister organization Senta Multisensory Concepting.

In this way, a perfume is developed that perfectly matches the desired product, brand or service.

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