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Our ScentStick is already widely used in the cleaning industry with great success. Would you like to expand your stock or become acquainted with the SmartNose ScentStick?

The SmartNose ScentStick can already be ordered per box of 500 pieces. In addition to the innovative scented stick, we have developed a perfectly fitting stainless steel ScentStickholder, so that it can be hung anywhere. The ScentStick contains a high-quality fresh perfume created by the perfumers of SmartNose. There are two variants: Tonic Fresh and Lavanda. These wonderful scents provide a luxurious and clean scent experience.

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ScentStick - Lavanda

This wonderful Lavanda scent consists of five main components; Lavender, Citrus, Eucalyptus, Orange Flowers and Sandalwood.

Dimensions: 32 x 80 mm

ScentStick - Tonic Fresh

The fresh Tonic Fresh consists of five main components; Mint, Champagne, Apple, Grapefruit and Violets.

Dimensions: 32 x 80 mm

Stainless steel holder

Specially developed for the ScentStick, a stainless steel holder. This can be attached without drilling and hangs very firmly on almost any surface. 

The benefits of the ScentStick

  • Has a long fragrance release of approximately one month;

  • Saves costs compared to traditional fragrance applications;

  • Takes up little space in storage or on the cleaning cart;

  • Contains a fresh perfume that absorbs unpleasant odors instead of just masking them;

  • Does not require power or batteries;

  • Suitable for small spaces, such as elevators, toilets, trash cans, room entrances, meeting rooms;

  • Uses a 100% secure system;

  • Does not require a dispenser;

  • Does not use a spray technique and leaves no residue;

  • Is almost invisible due to its small size and therefore resistant to vandalism;

  • Can be easily mounted on the wall with our special stainless steel holder, without drilling.


This product is suitable for sanitary areas, entrance halls, offices, hotel rooms and homes in various sectors:

  • Hospitals

  • National and international transport

  • Holiday parks

  • Nursing homes

  • Universities

  • Wellness centers

  • Hotels

  • Housing associations

  • Care complexes

  • Rehabilitation centers

  • GGD locations


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