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Hemp-scent campaign

"Smell as a social means of communication"

Scent is a powerful carrier of information and has an important alarm function. Think of the smell of spoiled milk, or the smell of gas added to warn us. Smell helps us identify danger. Taskforce-RIEC Brabant-Zeeland, Police and SmartNose have now also developed a hemp odor card in addition to the XTC odor card. The aim is to detect as many illegal cannabis farms as possible by focusing on the sensory vigilance of the environment.


Join us in the search for illegal cannabis farms

The hemp scent card has a scent surface on the front, which you can use by 'rub & smell' can activate. The scent is safe to smell and can be described as fresh and... green in dhe top, with a spicy note in the heart and the base is formed by a combination of earthy, sweet and a musty woody scent. Developing a safe scent with the right communication value was an intensive process. We are therefore very proud that after the first scent card from 2013, a new hemp scent card is now available. The back of the card describes how you can recognize a cannabis farm and which number to call if you suspect that there is an illegal farm in your area.

You can recognize a cannabis farm by this:

  • Presence of the hemp odor around the property

  • Buzzing/humming noise

  • Condensation on the windows

  • Blackouts

  • Building does not appear to be occupied, but there is occasional activity

  • Closed windows (roller shutters or foil)

The purpose of the scent map is to create awareness about illegal cannabis farms and to get as many people as possible to participate in the search. The map is handy and useful to distribute to citizens at information evenings, during meetings, from desks or simply; in a chat with perhaps a potential tipster.



The developed scent is constructed in such a way that it resembles a cannabis farm, but the scent itself is completely safe. Meansa special encapsulatetechnology, the scent is 'captured' on the scent card in tiny capsules. When one crosses the kaart rubs, a small amount of scent is released. The card can be used several times and will last at least a year.

Order the Hemp scent cards

It is now also possible to order the special scent cards yourself, to be distributed in your region. The cards can be ordered from 500 pieces for € 0.99 each. Send an email to or call us on +31 33 4617355


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