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Instructional video FragranceStick

Watch the instructional video or read the text below for how to use the Fragrance Stick.

Step 1. Remove the back cover from the Fragrance Stick by bending the edge at the top of the stick back and forth. After this, the endpaper can easily be removed from the stick.

Step 2. Remove the protective layer of tape from the back of the stainless steel holder, then place the holder on the desired surface.

Step 3. Slide the Fragrance Stick with the scented side forward at the top into the stainless steel holder.

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The Fragrance Stick

In the scents Lavanda and Tonic Fresh

The SmartNose Fragrance Stick can already be ordered per box of 500 pieces. In addition to the innovative fragrance stick, we have developed a perfectly fitting stainless steel fragrance stick holder, so that it can be hung anywhere. The Fragrance Stick contains a high-quality fresh perfume created by the perfumers of SmartNose. There are two variants: Tonic Fresh and Lavanda. These wonderful scents provide a luxurious and clean scent experience.

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