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Madurodam scent distribution

What is the small Netherlands great at?

You will discover this in Madurodam, the miniature version of the Netherlands. There you will find miniatures, things to do and attractions for the whole family. This naturally requires the right experience, in which scent plays an indispensable role. SmartNose provides the unique scent experience in various attractions of Madurodam. Consider, for example, the smell of 17th century Amsterdam and the grass smell of the football field when the Netherlands won the European Football Championship in 1988.

What does Madurodam itself say about this addition:


"Experience revolves around all the senses. That is why we also add scent experience to our indoor attractions. The salty sea air from SmartNose allows our passengers in New Amsterdam to actually smell that they are making the crossing from Amsterdam to 17th century New York. to discover the Dutch roots of this metropolis"
Marianne Aalders - PR & Communication Madurodam


The objective is:

  • Experience

  • Recognizability

  • Memory

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