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Seepje Scented mustache

With the 100% natural Seepje scent 'Tintelfrisse Lime'

A campaign focused on Seepje's 100% natural scent: That's great! In collaboration with Seepje, Smartnose recently launched the new scented campaign, with the aim of making consumers aware of Seepje's honest and natural perfume.

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Many products provide little or no disclosure when it comes to their ingredients or perfumes used. Seepje, on the other hand, is completely open about the composition of its perfumes, which are 100% natural.

Smartnose supervised the process; from concepting to printing. The perfume was incorporated into the printing varnish using the latest techniques, creating a rub-and-smell scent card. The scented mustache can be printed from this card, so you can put it on and smell the wonderful scent! 

Seepje wrote about project management
“It's great to see that such a versatile campaign has come to a successful conclusion. I would like to thank you very much for that! The creative thinking and quick switching ensured that those scented mustaches arrived on time and of good quality."
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