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XTC-scent campaign

"Smell as a social means of communication"

Scent is a powerful means of communication that empowers usrecall memories, feel emotions or develop an unconscious association. Both commercial and non-commercial parties are increasingly discovering the added value of scent in printed communication.

This also applies to Taskforce-RIEC Brabant-Zeeland. As early as 2015, a first 'sniff card' was developed in collaboration with scent marketing agency SmartNose, where people could smell the scent of a drug lab; a sickly, sweet smell that is released during the manufacture of synthetic drugs such as amphetamine(speed). This characteristic odor is often unknown, which was a missed opportunity with regard to recognizing and detecting illegal drug labs. The aim of the odor campaign is, on the one hand, to create awareness about synthetic drug laboratories, and on the other hand to activate recognition of this odor and thus promote the detection of illegal drug labs. The card is distributed to both investigating officers and citizens.


Further development

Due to the success of the previous scent map, Taskforce-RIEC Brabant-Zeeland also released an XTC scent card, with the specific smell of an XTC lab. In May 2019, this theme was also taken up by the Public Prosecution Service and they launched the national campaign: 'XTC, it has an odor'. This campaign received a lot of attention and made the front page of many news sources. And with success: the police have already received dozens of anonymous reports about suspicious locations where a possible drug lab might be active, and where the reporter states that he/she smells and recognizes the smell of the XTC scent card.



The developed scent is constructed in such a way that it is very similar to real XTC labs, but the scent itself is completely safe. Using a special encapsulation technique, the scent is 'captured' on the scent card in tiny capsules. When you rub the card, a small amount of scent is released. The card can be used several times and will last at least a year.

Order the XTC scent cards

It is now also possible to order the special scent cards yourself, to be distributed in your region. The cards can be ordered from 500 pieces for € 0.99 each. Send an email to or call us on +31 33 4617355

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