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The agency specialized in scent experience and scent marketing.

Active in the scent marketing industry for 30 years, both in application and advice as well as research and science. Scents are powerful carriers of memories, emotions, attention and information. Our nose is the sense that is directly connected to the part of the brain where emotions and moods are regulated. This makes scent marketing a powerful instrument to give customers a pleasant feeling and activate them with a scent expression.


Scent marketing

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Scented premiums

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Scented POS


Scented printing


Fragrance development

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Fragrance dispersion



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Custom made for you

When the customer approaches us with a scent question, we always deliver a tailor-made plan to achieve the desired goal. We think along with the customer at every stage and we strive for the ultimate scent experience. Read under the heading 'Scent marketing' more about our custom work, or contact us directly via the button below and request your inspiration package.

Order now?

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The innovative and sustainable fragrance diffuser for small spaces is used with great success and is available in two fresh variants.


XTC-scent card

SmartNose launched the XTC scent card in collaboration with the police to support its detection.

Get inspired

Take a look at our cases and be inspired by 30 years of scent marketing.

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